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How do you know you have a water, sewer, or drain line problem? If you have concerns, S. A. Toler Construction, Inc. has the experience and technical knowledge to analyze and correct your specific needs. For all your trenchless and open trench installation or replacement needs please call S. A. Toler Construction, Inc. (804) 675-7741

Are your sewer lines cracked or do they have holes? Are there roots growing in them? If you are not sure what is going on, but water is draining slow, floor drains have water coming up out of them after you wash clothes (use large volumes of water), you are purchasing an older home, or you just do not feel confident with your sewer lines, what are you to do? You need to have a professional examine your lines. A professional will be able to evaluate your situation and if needed camera your line and locate the problem. If repairs are needed they will inform you of the problem and explain how to correct it.

Do you need to repair the sewer line or replace it? It will not fix itself. Where do you go to find someone to replace your line? You need to call a professional, who is licensed, insured in excavation , and equipped to handle this work. There is more than one way to replace these under ground lines. The first is the traditional open trench method. That is simply digging a trench and installing the new line. The other option is a Trenchless method. Both ways are acceptable and accomplish the same goal.

The open trench method is more intrusive, as a ditch has to be dug from the house/ building to the city or county sewer line (lateral). Then the new line is installed and the dirt put back in the ditch.

With the new trenchless method your sewer line can be replaced with minimum disturbance to your yard. With the trenchless method you only need to dig two holes. One hole at or in the house/ building to make the connection to the main line leaving the house/ building, and the other hole at the property line to make the connection to the city or county sewer line (lateral).

The trenchless method being referred to is called pipe bursting. With pipe bursting you are able to replace the line without restricting the flow. Why is this? Because you are not lining the pipe you are breaking the old line out of the way and installing a new line. That means you are replacing your old 4-inch line with another 4- inch line or a 6-inch line with a 6-inch line. You even have the option to replace the 4-inch line with a 6-inch line if needed or desired. One of the reasons this is now possible is do to the development of High-density Polyethylene pipe. The pipe is fused together to make it seamless, leak proof, root proof, chemical (acid) resistant with a life expectancy of up to 100 years. Due to its unique flexibility and strength it can be pulled through the ground even through 90 degree bends without damage to the pipe.

Advantages of trenchless pipe replacement : minimum lawn disturbance, ability to go under trees, driveways parking lots, garages, additions, etc... without disrupting them.

Pipe bursting is the process of replacing an old worn-out pipe with a new pipe the same size diameter or larger using the same path as the old line. Two holes need to be dug, an entry hole and an exit hole. The new polyethylene pipe is attached to the bursting head. The bursting head is pulled through the old pipe breaking the old pipe, pushing it out of the way as the new pipe is installed. The new pipe follows the same path as the old pipe. With the new polyethylene pipe in place, it is now connected to the main sewer line exiting the home/ building and to the city or county sewer line (lateral).